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General Human Resources Management Services

Businesses are diverse, from large private and public sector organisations with complex people issues and the sizeable resources to manage these, to smaller organisations who may need the occasional extra “bit of support”.

Two things they all have in common is that firstly, they all have their corporate missions to deliver and these have to be achieved within financial constraints. Secondly they all need to have their human resources managed, no matter how much some of the resourceful humans may resent aspects of management process which limit their individual freedom of action.

For smaller organisations they may need the occasional support or specific piece of work undertaken, Blue Turtle Consultants have CIPD, Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and IOSH qualified associates with experience in all business sectors and disciplines.


We also work with partner organisations such as employment law specialists, occupational psychologists, training providers and ICT specialists who we can recommend if we cannot meet your specific need.

We can support you with:

Staffing Objectives

  • Designing organisational structures
  • Identifying skills and competencies for each sector of the workforce
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Recruitment and Selection

Performance Objective

  • Training and Development
  • Performance and Competency Management
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Employee Engagement

Change Management – Please see our Organisational Development page

  Administration Objectives

  • Health and Safety
  • Policy development and review
  • Employment Law
  • Data and staff records

Training Services

The way in which individual development is characterised has changed over the past few years. There’s been a shift from training needs to identifying the learning needs, the implication being that development is owned by the learner with the need motivating the learner rather than the trainer seeking to satisfy that need.

This means that Blue Turtle Consultants concentrate on working with the client to tailor make each training session to meet the individual organisations learners’ needs, rather than delivering a “one size fits all” training experience.


Equality and Diversity

Unlike most E&D training we do not solely concentrate on the legal aspects of compliance but explore the practical issues associated with inclusive practise.

For example our Disability Awareness training covers aspects of good practise on communication, language, reasonable adjustment and access. We believe that “context” is everything, and as with most issues around E&D it’s about understanding the business benefits as well as the good practise examples and case studies that make our training experience deliver ROI in the long term.

Management Training

People are the most critical part of any organisation. If you have the right people in the right place, they are motivated and operating to their full potential, whatever product you make or service you provide your organisation should be successful.

Whilst you can teach people to operate ICT systems, manage budgets and write business plans, sometimes the most fundamental issue in a department that is not functioning, is poor people practise.

We deliver people management training to managers at all levels and in all industries. We deliver bespoke training from interviewing skills to how to conduct a grievance and disciplinary investigation and meeting.



An important part of employment law in the UK is concerned with deterring employers from discriminating unfairly at any stage in their relationship with an individual worker or group of workers with protected characteristics.

Equalities legislation is an ever evolving framework and Blue Turtle Consultants is able to support organisations in navigating the various legislation, voluntary codes of practice and equality initiatives to ensure that your organisation embraces and manages equality and diversity from the foundation up.

We specialise in Disability and Gender Equality, but also provide advice and guidance on all the diversity strands.


    We can support you with:

    How to comply with equality law and implement good practice in all aspects of employment including recruitment, pay, working hours, managing staff and developing policies

    Service providers
    Guidance on how to comply with equality law and implement good practice when providing services, for all types of business, association or organisation

    Whatever your HRM need will be happy to discuss your requirements.


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