Independent Complaints Investigations

Independent Complaints Investigations

Our independent complaint investigations for public services, the voluntary and private sector provides independent scrutiny and ensures a credible and transparent alternative to complaint investigations managed in house.

We have experience in handling sensitive, high profile and high risk investigations for organisations who want to ensure impartiality is a key in order to promote public or consumer confidence.

Our Services Include:

  • Undertaking investigations on behalf of school governors, where additional capacity and expertise is needed in relation to staff issues
  • Providing investigations on behalf of board members in regard to complaints about senior staff, where additional third part support is required
  • Reviewing complaints that have been handled in house and have not been resolved at stage one and need to progress to the next stage of the process
  • Complex investigations into allegations of mistreatment or abuse by staff in health and social care settings
  • Impartial grievance investigations around protected characteristics, for example gender and disability

We will provide your organisation with valuable information regarding identified problems with your operation or service delivery. This enables you to take action to stop them happening again, for example by delivering training or making process or system changes.

(Please note we do not undertake section 7 reports, section 37 investigations and immigration or SENDIST assessments)



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